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Webinar | Schrems II Made Actionable - What is a good Strategy

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About this talk
In 2020 the European Court of Justice issued the Schrems II judgement which had significant implications for transatlantic data flows. Companies using the services of US-based providers need to reconsider their strategy. We will have a conversation with Max Schrems, Privacy activist, lawyer and author who filed the GDPR complaints leading to this landmark ruling for privacy rights.
Together we will take an "easy to listen" approach to these law & order topics. Hear about the story and some anecdotes around Safe harbour, privacy shield and Schrems rulings - we will understand the background, reasoning - which ultimately will help us to get from a reactive to a proactive and sustainable strategy. More importantly, we will discover how to make the Schrems II ruling actionable as a company. And we will end with a positive spin: How can companies turn complications into opportunities and could Schrems II inhibit the road to innovation?

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